Quicky. Need a recommendation for a harddrive test program.

Hi, could anyone name a good one (for troubleshooting)?

Re Olof
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  1. You can try SeaGate Tools for Windows, as it is compatible with most brands of hard drives.
  2. Try HDTune to see if its running PIO mode, and you can check the SMART log there too.

    Hope that helps.
  3. thanks, but do any of those programs support SSD's? I need to try both SATA and SSD, so I'll still have use for the two suggested, just need one for SSD's too.

    Edit: nvrmind, it seems to be working.
  4. SSD is a SATA device; how the data is actually stored is unknown to the rest of the system. So as far as software is concerned, they can't see the difference between HDD and SSD other than that SSD's have much higher performance; they still follow the same transfer protocol via Serial ATA.

    Can you post a HDTune benchmark? Then we can see instantly if its running in PIO mode.
  5. I'll get right to it once the seatools is done (which should be any minute). Might be a dumb que, but what does PIO mode mean?
  6. http://img222.imageshack.us/img222/8808/benchmarkread.jpg

    Is this the one u mean? I don't rly know how to interpret the test.
  7. Looks fine to me. :)

    No PIO issues. You are using DMA mode.
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