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I have a 45 day old A7V8X with all features (A7V8X Deluxe??? lol) I have documentation to prove that it is less than 2 months old from. I have retail packaging, all CDs, all documentation. I paid $110. It was lightly used for a week, NEVER overclocked (got an ASUS A7N8X Deluxe (got rid of the [-peep-] chaintech) to do that on now :.) Send me a private message with offers, no rediculous ones please. I am also selling 2 Sticks of 512MB Corsair XMS PC2700 ordered at the same time, with documentation, used for about one week, never overclocked. I have a seperate listing for this also.

eBay, kick ass!

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  1. how much for the both mobo and ram??

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