Asus 8800GT Urgent Help!!

Hey guys, i have the Asus 8800GT 512MB (new version with the big round heatink+fan) and tomorrow, i want to install my new " Arctic Cooling Accelero S1 Rev 2 with my Antec Vcool blowing air onto the accelero s1 rev2... i've heard that i should use the compound stuff which is suplies with my "accelero s1 rev2 heatsink" but i dont know what compound/paste to use.. i have arctic silver 5 at home but so many people told me not to use that on a GPU, as it will leak and burn my GPU.. any ideas on what i can use? safely + with the best performance?

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  1. You can use articsilver, just don't get sloppy with it.
    or you can buy Artic Silver Ceramique or Tuniq tx-2 non conductive thermal pastes
  2. so they are perfectly fine and confirmed to work with GPU's without problems + leaks?
  3. AS5 is fine if applied correctly. I use it with my AC Twin Turbo + 8800GT.
  4. well thats the method of applying it "correctly" then?
  5. well whats the method of applying it "correctly" then? i meant :P
  6. anyone?
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