Gigabyte 965P S3 voltages - PC freezing constantly

I've had a 965p S3 for about 2.5 years now. About 6 months ago it started locking up, even in safe mode. I've reinstalled xp and vista, 32bit both. Nothing solved. Swapped out video cards, memory, sound cards, HD, roms, everything. Memtest86 error free. I have an Antec Sonata II case with 450W power supply. My system is basic, 1 DVDRW, 1HDD, E6300, Xifi, and ATI X800 video card. Ram tried is OCZ and Crucial, again both passed memtest86. All other system temps are fine, cpu does not get hot. Never about 60C.

Speedfan says my voltages as

Vcore1: 1.31V
Vcore2: 1.86V
+3.3V: 3.30V
+5V: 4.78V
+12V 0.38V
-12V -16.97V
-5V -8.63V
+5V 5.16V
Vbat 3.10V

Is it me or do those look off? Anyone with this board, what are your voltages? Does this appear to be a power supply problem. Its the only thing I have not singled out so far. I thought with a +12 of .038 it wouldn't even turn on. Thoughts?
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  1. I don't think speedfan captures voltages correctly on Gigabyte boards.
    Here's my readings from a completely stable system:
    VCore1: 1.12v
    VCore2: 1.87v
    +3.3v: 3.33v
    +5v: 4.95v
    +12v: 0.64v

    One thing to notice is the VCore #s. That spread between cores is not from the power supply.
    It is either due to bogus readings or issues with the motherboard.
    I have no performance issues with my system, even with these readings.
    Go figure...
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