260gtx not working, pc won't boot PLEASE HELP

i just installed my xfx 260gtx XXX, im almost certain i connected everything correctly, i double checked. now my pc won't boot up. i uninstalled the drivers before installing card and followed manual closely.

it just gets short whirlwind bursts from case fans every 3seconds or so... please help!! Newb.

i have

AMD 64x 5200+
620w modula corsair psu
antex 900 case
2gig 800 6400 ram
m2n-sli asus motherboard
320gig hd
1 optical drive

please help thanks!!!!!
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  1. did you put in the 6pin power connectors and seat it so it doesn't move in the top x16 slot?
  2. sounds like your system is shorting or the bios is having issues..

    Try removing the mobo battery for a few mins. see what that does if anything at all.
  3. thanks for the input guys, i actually discovered my problem, i had to plug another 4pin connector into the MB... maybe it was underpowering.

    ive installed the latest drivers and its working fantastic, best gameplay i could imagine.... Only small thing every time i boot my computer it keeps saying ''connection wizard has found new hardware" i keep telling it to piss off but it keeps coming back even tho the card is totally installed and appears to be in my control panel working perfectly.

    any ideas?
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