Hi Everyone Hard drive issue

I have 2 issues

I have installed two 1 tb drives on one computer now the computer is booting from the original drive
how do i get it to boot from the 2nd installed drive? both hard drives have the same exact files, programs, updates. but I have games on the one drive and not the other
Drive C doesnt not have games but drive F doees...The computer is on a home network with two other computers--- they are all hard wired to a router. linksys BEFSX41
The pc that has 2 hard drives is in my kids room. the router is in my room the the thrid the other kids room.
If I Right click on the drive "c" and use the sharing and security wizard "network setup wizard" will I be able to use the one drive that this computer is not booting from for storage??? please help I did this all on my own and I m just learning. I took some 12 hrs and put all the files on each drive one at a time ...one hard in the pc at a time. So after i loaded all programs and files that i need i set up two and it worked. but like I was saying one drive is missing games and the other has games but the pc is not booting from that drive. can someone please help me

Thanks William
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  1. Have you tried setting which drive will you boot in the hard drive boot options in the bios?
  2. No I do not knwo how to do that
  3. Maybe you should check your motherboard's manual to see how it is done. What is your motherboard?
  4. intel d925xcv
    this pc is a old area-51
    i picked up for 150.00
    only has p-4 3ghz i added
    4gig ram
    pny 250 gts
    2 1 tb drives
    sound card
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