My overclock issue

so today i overclocked my intel i7 920 to 4.1 ghz but when i use cinebench 64bit it passes but the score are worse than my over clock at 3.8 .... whats the deal.

im kinda a noob at overclocking but i feal like my computer is slower after my new overclock please help!
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  1. You have supplied 0 information about your hardware, voltages, temperatures, et cetera.

    I bet you get 0 information back!
  2. Word post more info on your set up. (memory,memory timmings, Videocard, Motherboard, CPU Cooler ect.ect)

    Also with benchmarks you normally do them 3+ times and take an average. Also being said It is only a 300mhz overclock don't expect a huge performance increase.

    Could be anything like your memory clocks might be even slower at 4.1 then at 3.8

    Or even better If your using a stock cooler the CPU could be throttling and actually is running slower then 3.8ghz
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