HP Deskjet 1280 Driver For Windows 7

HP Deskjet 1280 Driver For Windows 7
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  1. you could also try using the Windows 2003 or Vista drivers
  2. According to HP support page ( Here )

    When you attempt to install your HP product in Windows 7, you cannot find a Windows 7 driver for your product.
    The drivers for your HP product are already included in the new Windows 7 operating system! You do not need to download drivers to use the product . Simply connect the printer to your computer with a USB cable, and Windows Update automatically installs the driver for your product.
    With the in-OS driver, some of the buttons on the product do not function and some of the advanced product features are not available. For more information about your in-OS driver, and to see workarounds for lost functionality, go to our Frequently Asked Questions below.
  3. ** Fixed **

    I got my problem solved by followed below article steps.

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