Power Supply? Coolmaster690 and Core i7

Hey guys, I'm actually building a computer for a school project, to be specific senior project!! Anyhow any detailed or specific information would be great along with your name so I can use your answers/info in my research paper to quote you if thats ok. If not just let me know.

Here my situation, right now I'm planning on building a PC with a new core i7 920. I'm pretty confident that the Coolmaster690 case is my best option in terms of which case to buy and keeping the CPU cool. But my questions are....I see multiple versions of the Coolmaster690 such as RC, CM, and combo options, etc. should I buy a case with or without a power supply? If so which one any why? If I should not buy a combo version with a power supply in it, which power supply will work best for me and that case?

Keep in mind I don't have unlimited amounts of money so whats best for my dollar? At the same time I don't want to heat up this case since the i7 seems to need a good bit of cooling. This is obviously the first time I've built a computer and I'm just trying to insure myself with not only accurate info, but not buying into computer parts I only plan to replace a few months down the road. All info is appriciated and I will greatly use this info from this thread in my project if your ok with me using your name or username!! thanks!!!!

Jon S.
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  1. I also suppose I should add in here I only plan on having 2 HDs, maybe 2 cdroms if not only one, a video card. I don't think I will need anything else to really power but if so let me know.
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