OCX Vertex Turbo SSD 60GB enough for OS?

Hi guys,

Im thinking of installing my OS in a SSD, but the OCZ one is only 60gb and it has better write performance up to 100 mb/s, while intel's X25-M have 80GB but only 70 mb/s write speed.

Which one is better and which one would you choose?

Im thinking of installing os and office in the SSD
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  1. MB/s is not important at all for a system disk; its IOps thats important. Intel does a great job there, much better than any Vertex you can find.

    Intel X25-M 80GB G2 doesn't have great (and irrelevant) sequential speeds - but it does do very well in IOps performance and that's all you want on your system drive.

    Perhaps if you got 1TB SSDs that sequential speeds become important; but not now. Its not suitable as mass-data storage device.
  2. If you're looking at an SSD because you want your system to boot and start applications faster, then you should look at performance metrics in this order:

    Random read IOs/sec
    Read transfer rate
    Random write IOs/sec
    Write transfer rate

    The first metric is definitely the most important one for boot/load performance. Transfer rates only matter if you're copying or using fairly large files - and even then for the way most people have their systems set up (OS on the SSD and everything else on a another drive) those large files would probably be data files located on a hard drive, so the SSD transfer rates really wouldn't be relevant.
  3. I have win7 ultimate installed w/
    avg internet security
    winDVD Pro
    full adobe production suite cs4
    Nero suite 9
    Office 2007 full
    with the pagefile
    plus other apps

    and it took up 20.5GB

    I move all temp, Documents, and downloads folder to separate HD.
    Moving the pagefiles will yield at least 2gb of free space.

    also remember disable hibernate, system restore and remove unwanted windows feature such as tablet, drive indexing, msn messager, IE if you using something else and windows games.

    Another benefit of a larger SSD drive is longer life.

    abit p35
    q9950 oc 3.7ghz
    ocz agility 60gb
    3x 640gb WD raid 0
    34gb raptor for Documents
    ati hd 4870 and hd 2900xt
    corsair 750w
    coolmaster 690
    LG hddvd, blu ray 16x dvd burner
    LG 16x external burner
    Liteon 16x burner
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