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My issue is with an internal WD 1TB green drive. The drive has been working fine before, has only media and documents on it. After I updated Windows 7 this morning, the disk is no longer recognized. I went into Disk Management to see if it was just a fluke, and I immediately get a window telling me to initialize the disk as either MBR or GPT. I clicked cancel to hold off on potentially losing lots of data.
Tried using a different SATA cable, different SATA port on the mobo, no glory. Tried seeing if the drive could be recognized with a Linux live disk (no install), and G-Parted. Both recognized the disk, but could not open partition beyond "System Recovery."
I am trying to find a good way to recover the data as soon as I can. Any ideas for good (and hopefully free) programs to use? Anything is helpful at this point. Thanks
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  1. There are lots of recovery apps, i used @active File recovery.

    You need something that can find lost partitions.

    Good luck on recovery. And please make sure not to write to the drive until you recovered your important files. The fact that you canceled the partition-label "initialization" means you have a good chance to find data intact.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply. I'll see what I can do with Active@ File Recovery.
  3. Actually Active@ File Recovery has a free 30-day trial. And it says I should be able to recover everything without paying from what I understood.
  4. billy_2010, you were correct. Active@ let me prove that the files I want back are still there, but wanted me to buy a license to use the product and finish recovering the data. Trying your software now. Thanks a bunch, people.
  5. EASEUS Partition Master also wanted to force me to pay to recovery my data. I'm now looking into MBR recovery though Windows, but I have a feeling it won't end well that way.
  6. Thanks for all the help. One of my friends I talk to frequently about computer stuff pointed me to Hiren's Boot Disk
    Used TestDrive and rewrote the GPT. No more problems, drive is identified as it was before it disappeared with everything intact.

    Now I just need to figure out how to say the issue is solved.....

    Again, thank you for all the help.
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