With a X2 4200 (s939) : 9600gt or hd4670 ?


My computer is

Sonata II
PSU : Antec Smartpower 450W
AMD Athlon X2 4200+
I have a 19inch CRT monitor but think to upgrade for a 22 LCD in the future

Would it be wise to upgrade the 7600GT for a 9600GT or HD4670 ? Would it make a big difference ?
Note that I do not want to change the PSU or add a fan or I do not want to overclock.
The 9600GT is not very much more expensive than the HD4670, but does my CPU causes a bottleneck with any of those cards ? Would the performance be really higher with the 9600GT than with the HD4670 considering the CPU limitation ?

With any of these cards, would i have to change the PSU ? (I do not understand the voltage and rail requirements and I do not know if there are the good one for these cards)

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  1. i would recommend the 4670. it is slower then the 9600gt. your cpu will bottleneck slighty to the 9600gt but less on the 4670. 4670 is much more efficient and draws less power. u dont have to change ur psu.
    whats the price difference between the two?
  2. ur PSU will handle 9600GT fine. i run my 9600GT with amd 5600+ with a 420W PSU.
    yes the performance gain with 9600GT over 4670 will have its mark felt specially if u game on max resolution with max setting. I get 35+ fps on all games with max settings @ 1440x900 (19'in WS). so going into 4670 might result in lower than 30 fps which is ok for some, but i like 35+......
    but if u go into 22inch, den definitely u need 9600GT.actually a 8800GT will be better

    as for bottleneck, i feel that on certain titles (IE: crysis warhead, assasins creed, grid, etc.) my CPU @ 2.8GHz bottlenecks ma 9600GT. however i still do get fps of 35+. so i guess it should be ok
  3. Neither will be significantly bottlenecked by your cpu. Your psu can handle both fine. So if prices are similar get the higher performing one, that's 9600gt. If 4670 is significantly cheaper and your budget is limited, get 4670.
  4. ^+1
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