Cannot force PCI-E frequency to 100

I noticed alot of graphical sluggishness in gaming so i decided to play around with bios a little bit. For some reason i cant manage to set my PCI-E frequency to 100. If i set it to 100, pc wont boot for a few seconds, and bios settings will revert. I can overclock fine .. went from e6300 @ 1.86 to 2.2 so far without problems... but the graphical sluggishness is still there. Im using a geforce 4 mx420 PCI card right now cause my ATI pci-e seems to display a bunch of messed up purple and green colors. Could be related to this problem, dont know.

Any reason why it wont let me force 100?

gigabyte ga-945p-s3 F6
e6300 c2d
2x512 xms2 667 corsair
450w fortron psu
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  1. Totally new one to me! We usually suggest manually setting the PCIe to 100, as it's one of those sort of mystical things that seems to enhance stability in an OC, without any rhyme or reason as to why it should... Obviously, if you've OCd, you know how to enable manual timing settings, and that should be all there is to it. Have you tried setting it to either 99 or 101? The only reason I mention this is that there seems to be an 'off-the-strap' phenomenon, where if you're using, say, the 2.4 DDR mult on the 400 MCH strap, it often enhances (again, mystically) stability GREATLY to set the FSB to 401, rather than 400. We assume it's some kind of latency issue - that the true strap latencies don't engage until one mHz past the actual strap speed - might be the same issue here - and might just be an oddity at your particular FSB (which you also might bump up or down 1 mHz). All in all, I think this is one to post to either LSD (all-aroud guru) or Janus Yeh (GB tech rep) over at
  2. Ive tried 99, ill try 101 later. As far as i know, 120 works lol
  3. Gahhh! 120 works, huh? I swear, one ot these days, I'm gonna drop a grand or two on a good logic analyzer, and find out what's REALLY going on with all these semi-mysterious BIOS timing issues...
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