What SSD would you choose?

Intel X25-M 80GB
OCZ Vertex Turbo 60GB

I want to install my OS (Windows 7 Ultimate) on it, And maybe Microsoft Office.

So the questions are:

Which on is better? and which one would you choose and why?

OCZ Vetex have 100 mb/s write speed compared to 70 mb/s from intel, Does that speed matter?

Is 60GB storage enough?

Is intel X25-M, G1 or a G2? (I couldn't find any product called Intel G2, here in Australia)

Lastly What progarms would you have on SSD? (At the moment I'm thinking just OS and Office)

Thanks guys,

If you can answer all, that'll be really appreciated.
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  1. Well,

    60 GB is more then enough for your OS and office. If I were you I would put all my programs on it(if you have enough room oc)

    Write speed does matter...whenever your computer decides to write something to your ssd it's the write speed that determines how long it will take(I realy don't know how to explain it any clearer).

    I recently bought me a Corsair 64GB SSD. I wanted one with write speeds atleast as good as a good normal harddrive and with a nice read speed improvement.

    70 mb/s write speed seems low to me tbh.
  2. For about £50 ($78) more than the Intel I'd wait till about the 22nd of this month and get the Crucial C300 128GB $399

    Read 355MB/s
    Write 140MB/s
    and faster than both those at random reads and writes.
  3. $ = USD in my above post.

    + not sure how fast Crucial devices will be available in Australia

    22nd is UK release date.
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