Can all motherboards be overclocked?

I went into my Bios right now to take a look and I don't think my motherboard allows me to overclock.

I have a generic motherboard that came with my Lenovo computer. It's a G31T-LM2(Btw, Lenovo and Elitegroup customer service suck. Emailed them both twice for a motherboard manual two weeks ago and no response).

In Bios, it shows my settings as 800mhz FSB and 667mhz ddr 2 memory. It's a E5200 2.5 gig intel dual core. Nowhere does it allow me to change any FSB or voltage setting. Infact it doesn't even show the voltage settings in my motherboard bios.

Does this mean I can't overclock my CPU?
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  1. As far as I know Intel motherboards do not let you tweak these settings through BIOS. If it is true for Intel, it may be true for some other boards as well.

    Though I don't know if it is possible by software, so I leave that to experts to tell :)
  2. Just read a bunch of articles and posts and the consensus is ECS motherboards can't be overclocked. My fault for buying a prebuilt budget pc.
  3. Not exactly true. Somewhere, there will be an FSB setting. Try selecting 266 MHz. It should work. That will put you around 3.3 GHz. If that doesn't work, try decreasing the CPU multiplier until it does work.

    And you should be able to go online and download a motherboard manual.
  4. Its a Lenovo oem computer , its normal to not have any o/c options. Dell uses Foxconn in some models same idea.
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