Digital Audio Workstation questions

Please help!
I'm building a PC for digital audio producing/editing and daily regular use.

What would be a good motherboard for this application?
1)prefer Asus/Gigabyte, p45/x48
2)price range $200-$300
3) future proof as much as possible (no nehalem as I assume board/hardware to be very pricey and )
4) room for cpu heatsink- Arctic cooling freezer pro 7 or something else quiet
5)support for 2 monitors

info I've read:
firewire? necessary?
raid 1?
highest fsb on motherboard as possible?
card to supported up-to-date low-latency drivers

What would be a good psu? (fairly quiet for recording purposes)

OS? windows xp looking to upgrade to vista ultimate 64bit

cpu- Q9550
HD- 2 x 320G western digital 7200 16m cache sata2

thanks in advance!
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  1. the Asus P5Q-E would be a good choice, since you don't need the dual x16 PCIe lanes of the x48 chipset. It has most of the features at half the cost.

    1) Asus P5Q-E
    2) $160 for this mb on newegg
    3) it has the most up-to-date features of a pre-nehalem board
    4) I can fit my xigmatec hd-1283 on this board with no problems
    5) dual monitor support is a function of the graphics card, not the motherboard.

    This board has built-in firewire, which is good to have for digital audio production.
    This board has an on-board RAID controller that will do raid 0,1,5,10
    This board goes up to 1600Mhz FSB
    Drivers are a function of the OS

    for PSU - try the any of the corsair HX series

    OS - you cannot upgrade to 64bit from any 32bit OS, so you should make sure your equipment has 64bit drivers that work properly with Vista 64 if you plan on going that route.
  2. Corsair 720 PSU
  3. Great info, much help!
  4. the p5q-E looks like a nice board! Would a higher end board then the p5q-E be unessesary for a Digital Audio Workstation? I would like the best Asus mb available for $300 or less for music editing/mixing/recording as I dont invision another build in my budget for the next 5 yrs.
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