No Audio Output Device is installed

Hi, i know there are many posts about this problem on the internet, and I have must have read them all :(
I have literally spent days on this problem, and i have almost given up.
I have an HP Pavilion dv6810us laptop
Here is what i have tried :
1. reinstall windows vista (not the first thing i did but it didn't work)
2. tried to reinstall the conexant drivers, (the lastest ones from the HP site) but when i do this, it gives me this error message:
Driver Installation Failed: Could not find the device for this driver
3. When i try to install the realtek audio drivers from the HP site, it installs, but when i restart, i still have the red X over my audio icon in the lower right corner. When i go to devicee manager, it shows the driver with that yellow symbol on it, it says that it has a Code 10 error, Device cannot start.
4. I tried installing UAA but it didn't help.
5. I tried installing the drivers in safe mode, nothing.
6. The conextant drivers are not visable in the Device manager
7. I have the windows audio service enabled
8. I have also tried the XP conexant drivers, no luck
I have never been this frustrated with my computer, this problem made me waste my whole weekend :(

If any one can help me, i will be extreamly grateful.
thanks for reading.
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  1. With it being a laptop you might not be able to but... the audio device isnt disabled in the bios is it?

    32bit or 64bit OS could cause issues too.
  2. thank god, i solved the problem. An idea hit me, i decided to plug in the speakers from my desktop into my laptop. The instant i did that, windows started to recognize the speakers installed the driver!!! i installed the driver from HP instead of the one from windows (because it is more stable) and i have audio!
    thanks for ur response chookman
    and i hope that this will help other people with the same nasty problem.
  3. im sorry to say that the sound stopped woring after i installed windows vista service pack 1. I contacted HP and they said that because i see no audio controller in the device manager, it is a harware problem and that i should send it to them. The repairs will be free they said, so i will do it.
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