Q6600 on p5n-d

hey guys i have some trouble with my q6600 at 3.0Ghz.

My voltages are:


I get into windows fine but then about 2 min into windows my pc just restarts it's self. ive tryed upping the Vcore to 1.45
but the same happens.

cooling not a prob.

is 40oC hot for a nb heatsink cos i recently sent my pc in to da computer shop and they sed my nb was running WAY to hot.

I put a fan on it and now its at 33.5oC

Has anyone managed to get there q6600 past 3.5Ghz?

My goal 4 oneday is 3.6Ghz.

Does anyone know wat the max FSB is for da P5n-d mobo?

Thankz in advance
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  1. 40C is not hot. Heck, most systems can run idle temperatures of 40C depending on over all system cooling ability.

    Do you know if your Q6600 is a G0 revision? If you're not sure, you can either check the Retail Box or run CPU-Z on your system and look for the "Revision" box on the main CPU-Z screen. Only reason I ask is because the G0 (That's G Zero) revision seemed to OC the best.

    Ultimately, I'd want to get more info on your RAM settings and such. Depending on how your BIOS settings are configured, your RAM may be altering speed based on your FSB. If your RAM is being auto configured to a setting which it's not capable of running stable, that could also be causing your system reboots.

    The Q6600 G0 is deemed by many to be capable of up to 3.6Ghz on systems with very good Air cooling capability. However don't convince yourself you should get at least that. Your Asus board should be good for OC'ing that chip, but some folks may only get 3.2 or 3.4Ghz stable on their Q6600.
  2. hi i just recetly replaced my ram.

    i had 2x 1gig kingston ram but then it went and i brought it online so i must send it to the supplyers to get them to test it and if its falty they relplace it but in the mean time i got myself a 2gig tracend ram modulal wich it on auto maode in my bios.
    does ti void the warrenty if u overclock ur ram?
    it is the go version and cooling not a prob at all coz i got a gigabyte g power ll on my cpu.

    wat r da correct settings for 2 gigs of trancend ram coz the same things happens with the tracend ram?

    i havnt read up much about overclocking ur ram so if u can post a link it will be greatly appreciated.

    thankz in Advance
  3. Hello

    My Q6600 is overclocked to 3.53ghz.
    I did the following changes when overclocking to 3.53ghz:
    Changed the multiplier to 9x.
    Changed the bus speed to 392.
    Changed Vcore to 1.5V
    Changed dram freq to defualt by lowering the multiplier.

    Then i had a stable 3.53ghz
    Temps: 41-45 celcius at normal use or when idle and about 55-65 celcius when gaming.
    I have a Asus Triton 78 cpu cooler. ( Its a kinda cheap CPU cooler, but it does well in my setup. )

    I had to change the ram freq to nearest possible defualt freq else i get errors and shutdowns. If i lower the Vcore the computer freezes or can't even start up.

    I have also run at 3.0ghz
    The only changes i made there was changing the bus speed to 334 and lowering the ram freq to defualt.
  4. Hey mikrouwel, I have an asus P5N-D motherboard myself, and I run a Q9550 quad on it. I run my HT and NB voltages at 1.42. This board must have them be simialar, otherwise it will be buggy. It's taken me months to perfect my 3.6ghz OC on this board. The max fsb for this board is around 1800ghz, and you can't or shouldn't push your HT or NB voltage beyond 1.6volts. Anything upto 1.48v is safe for a 24-7. Just keep a fan on that NB cooler!

    Try this for your settings. (your cpu voltage will be different than mine because of chip generation.)

    cpu 1.4v
    HT 1.44v
    NB 1.44v
    SB at stock/auto
    ram at around 2.0-2.1v

    Remember, even if your memory is stocked, timings and all, your fsb still efffects your ram to a degree, to keep it stable up your ram voltage from the stock 1.8v for ddr2, to between 2.0-2.1v.

    I run 8 gigs with all for slots full, and I run mine at 2.1v, zero issues.
  5. You might also want to consider doing the volt mod for this board as it has a huge vdroop. I did it with a no.2 pencil and it took me 5 seconds.

  6. Thanks Wickedsnow i will test it out and let u no what happens. I dont have my pc at the moment but as soon as i get it back ill try
  7. I hope everything works out for you. Let me know if you have any problems.
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