K9MM-V 800FSB though supports 5200+ X2??

I'm confused here, MSI says it will run up to a 5200+ AMD X2 chip. Though the specs state the board is an 800mhz FSB board, though the 5200's run at 1000mhz FSB. Am I missing something here? It seems this board really isn't able to support this chip, am I wrong?

These chips are getting older and prices are great to upgrade from my 3600+ 2.0Ghz dual core, so jumping up to the 5200+ 2.7Ghz would be nice. Though I just don't see it working, am I missing something?

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  1. Nevermind, I believe I have found my answer, the chip will run a 13.5 multiplier, should come out to 2.7Ghz.
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