Oc my Athlon 2000+

Hi i have the following setup at my parents place...

CPU:Athlon XP 2000+ (socket A) [266mhz]
MB:Gigabyte 7vm400m-RZ [266/333mhz fsb]
Ram: Kingston DDR 1 GB
Cooling: stock cooler, the one i got in the box. 2x80mm fans 1 rear 1 front
PSU:350W some local make......
GPU: FX 5200 128mb AGP

This is going to be my 1st over clock,i am willing to try it first on this rig n get the details right before i try it on my main pc.
So this is just going to be a practice Oc of the old computer before i try it on the phenome II back at my place.....

I was wondering if any one would be glad enough to walk me through the process both for the CPU and the AGP.
I have already gone through a couple of sites reading various guides..... but i am a bit confuesd reading them.
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  1. my bios does not allow me to change my multiplier....nor can i change the multiplier using EasyTune 5.0 though only FSB can be changed.
    Also the thing is in bios while many sites say i tried increasing the FSB but even a change of '1' in this is not accepted it reverts back to the original any idea why this might be happening.....i remember long time ago that i removed a jumper JP1 from the mobo it increased cpu frequency from 100mhz to 133mhz..
    also i opend up my comp n found i have more ram another 256mb 266mhz ddr ram....could this be the cause since the other ram is ddr 400mhz running at 333mhz with cas changed manually to 3
  2. no reply yet just bumping this up....eager for an answer
  3. you won't get very far with cpu, i still have one in a gigabyte GA-7N400-L (nforce2 ultra), the best i could manage was 1.8ghz (2200+) from its stock 1.67ghz, its based on the palmino core and was pretty much maxed out at stock anyway as all xp cpu's after that where thoroughbred and barton core which ran cooler to and had more o/clock ability.

    and yes the only way to o/clock this was by fsb, my board has a divider but if changed it would always crash, athlon xp's are a pretty bad place to start o/clocking as they are very dodgey when it came to stability.

    i started with the pentium 3's , was so much easier, 550mhz p3 @800mhz lol
  4. oh and the phenom 2 will be different to o/clock,
    you will need to up the fsb while lowering the divider to keep the ht bus under 2000mhz.

    my current amd rig is an athlon x2 4000+(2.1ghz@2.6ghz), the fsb is 250mhz with divider set to x4, so 4x250 =1000mhz ht bus giving me a memory speed of 750mhz from standard 667mhz. multiplier is 10.5 x 250(fsb) = 2625mhz x2.

    ht bus is higher on new phenom 2's so expect a standard ht of 2000 (don't let it go higher than 2000). sounds confusing but simple in practice. dunno if this helps you understand better?
  5. thx pkw4 yea i guess this old comp has really been maxed out....although i do want to mention that athlon xp 2000+ of mine seems to be a Thorobread-b model not a palmino according to everest on the pc
    i was also snooping around a bit all tis while i found a site where the forum owner actually showed graphite based other metal wire based methods to unlock multiplier..... how easy are they in actual practicality i don't know....
  6. ah one of the rare early thoroughbred's, most 2000+ where palmino's (why i auto assumed), i still wont go far though, i still think 1.8-1.9 tops.
    yea iv read about this, they use the graphite in a lead pencil to link bridges on the top of the cpu to unlock its multiplier, never felt the need to try it though. i read another about linking pins or removing certain pins to do the same thing (long time ago i cant quite remember). google is your friend for that trick.
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