Issues with lockups/freezes & Asus Striker II Extreme

I have been recently having complete freezes constantly. Its happened commonly before but not as bad as it is now.
My specs are:
MOBO: Asus Striker II Extreme
RAM: 4GB OCZ DDR3 PC3-12800 Gold Edition
CPU: Intel Q9650
Others:300GB Raptor (Games)
1TB Seagate (Media)
500GB WD (Misc. Programs)
PSU: Corsair HX1000W
Graphics Card - 1x EVGA nVidia Geforce GTX 280
CPU Cooling - Liquid
Chipset Cooling - Stock
Case Cooling - 5 120mm
Case - CM Stacker 820 CSX

BIOS Images:

Stats Before Crash:
+12v - 11.90v
+3.3v - 3.25v
+5v - 4.97v

CPU PLL - 1.52v
CPU VTT - 1.12v
VCore - 1.28v
Mem - 1.92v
DDR3 Term. - .94v
NB - 1.49v
SB - 1.49v

CPU - 37c
MB - 39c
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  1. Just updated my bios to v.1202
  2. no difference...
  3. I had very similar problem and I have very similar system. I have E8500 and GTX280. Thing that fixed the problem for me was when I matched FSB and memory frequency which meant that I increased FSB (QDR) to 1600Mhz and that meant that FSB was increased to 400Mhz. I also decreased multiplier to match the old cpu clock as closely as possible. In your case it would mean 7.5 multiplier. When FSB and memory is matched it generally means more stable system.
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