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Hi, I have some sapre cash and was looking at setting up a nas server to store my files on, as currently i have a laptop with a few external hds as storage and need to increase.
I was wondering how i would go bout setting up some kind of network. my router is next to the tv currently and i was looking at the nas storage enlosures that are around but was wondering if people thought a homebuilt server would be better recommended.
What i need is about 3tb on the network so that anyone in the house can access over the lan. and also possibly to be able to connect this somehow to my tv to be able to play videos straight from the server without having to switch any computers on.

The 2 options i am looking at is.
1.) A nas storage conected to the router to allow access, with a hd media player that can access the home network and play files from it to the tv.

2.) Build a low power media pc with enough storage and capabilities to host files and play them through the tv (Also this would hopefully allow internet to be used on the tv and stream videos)

Can anyone point me in the right direction or give an example of how they solved this problem.

Thanks for all the help
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  1. I'm setting this up as we speak.

    I bought a WDTV Live to stream movies to my TV. I just got it today. I set it up wireless via a WUSB600N USB adapter. First I had my router in the basement and my TV on the 2nd floor. I got a lot of skipping and choppiness with 720p video. Even some of my lower quality stuff was pausing. So I moved the router upstairs to the same room as the TV. I'm streaming The Dark Knight 720p flawlessly. So far so good. I do like the WDTV, but there's a new one coming out next month called Popbox. Looks really nice, so I kept my receipt!

    As far as storage, I think I'm going the NAS route. The DLink DNS-321 is on sale with a pretty good rebate at Newegg. I plan to stream everything from there.
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