Good case? Would it work?

Hello everyone, I have a pc at the minute which has the following components.
Processor: E8400
RAM: 4GB 800mhz
Graphics card: x1950xt
Harddrive: 500gb
PSU: OCZ 600W StealthXStream

My current pc case is a Compucase 6K28 and I have orderd a 9800GX2 and I have been told it won't fit in my current case.
So I have been looking at cases and have been told to get a Thermaltake M9 Black. Will a 9800GX2 fit inside it? And does the case have decent cooling? I don't know much about fans and cooling etc.. Please tell me if it will fit or not as I am going to be ordering very soon to be in time with my 9800GX2 graphics card.
Thanks alot.

Oh and my motherboard is a ASROCK Intel G31 1600FSB , would it be compatible with the 9800GX2?
Thanks in advance for any replies.
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  1. M9 seems to have plenty of room you should be right...
    As for cooling there are better ones around... Antec900 and NZXT Tempest to name a couple. (i know the card will fit in these)

    As long as your board has a PCI-e16x slot thats electrical 16x your good. Your PSU could be a bit of a concern if youve had it for a while.
  2. Thanks alot for your reply, so if I get the Antec 900 would it provide more than enough cooling or will the Thermaltake M9 do the job? Oh, and as for the PSU will it be enough? I haven't had it long only 1 week but I could take it back. What do you think?
  3. i have the antec 900 case and i am very happy about it.

    it very cool
    looks good
    quite, my hd is louder then all the case fans and i have all 6 of the case fans in

    the only problem is its a little more work to get hd's in and out . but i would recommend it to any one

    i think i saw it on sale on new egg for $60 but the sale might be up
  4. the ps seems fine i would of given myself a 700 watt in case of upgrades but it should run good on that setup

    if you plan on doing a lot of upgrades get a different ps
  5. Your 600w should be enough... from your build i thought maybe youd had the PSU for +1yr which could have been bad... but your good to go
  6. Thanks alot everyone for your replies , gonna order it in a few days! thanks again.
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