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When purchasing parts for a homebuild system do you honestly believe the user reviews for components on Also what about the awards they give certain items?
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  1. The majority of bad purchaser reviews at newegg are from people that are clueless. They blame the product because they do not know how to assemble a computer.

    Obviously, idiot proof items like monitors and such don't suffer from that.

    Remember, many people ONLY give a review when they have a problem and want to whine. If 50% of the posters say they got a DOA video card, the real percentage was probably 10%, once you figure in the people that didn't know they could not run it on a 250W PSU, and the people that never got around to posting a positive review.
  2. Put very little faith in the reviews from Newegg, many of the people who describe their technical level as high, really mean that they can find the power switch 3 times out of 5 (or they can tell the difference between their computer and a microwave).
  3. Agree with the above. As a result, if a product has 70% or more 4 and 5 egg ratings, it's usually rock-solid and nearly idiot-proof.
  4. I've ordered thousands of dollars of items from newegg, all the pricing is great + free shipping on lots of items and no tax for my state.

    One time i had a bad DVI cable - they just refunded it because it was like 10 bucks total ( instead of me having to pay to ship it back )

    Sent a few items back. The return policy is clearly stated , easy to find . There is no shady behind the scenes crap.

    and the other users are correct about user reviews. Some people order the wrong parts and get mad when they don't work.
    I've researched all the computer parts here at tomshardware forums before I bought my parts to build a computer.
    Lots of very knowledgeable people on this site !

    and of course if an item has like 500 reviews and 90% of them are 5 stars , chances are it's a great item.
  5. O0O and don't forget those ABSOLUTELY RETARDED reviews from people that 'are getting the product today' or 'haven't put it in yet'

    o what about those people that post on it like its a forum?


    im gonna rant on my other thoughts next time... you should only be allowed to write 4 different reviews of the same product IF YOU BOUGHT IT FOUR TIMES... gawd i despise those newegg reviews

    although, some of them are quite clever, like the WD 150GB Raptor HDD one... o that classic silk bag, how i love thee... just pay attention to the 'people that found this review helpful' and you should be fine.
  6. :bounce: What can I say I like newegg. Still I have to agree that the reviews are not always helpful. If a product has alot of one or two egg reviews though you should take a look at them to see if any of those complaints are valid. One nice feature of new egg is that when you click to read all the reviews you can look at just the ones that have a certain egg rating. Sometimes the ones with 5 eggs are helpful while those with 4 eggs are usually someone just being a whiny little ^&*@ about something. Anyway the reviews can give you a rough idea but you should do more research afterwords, and of course once you narrow down your selection look through the tomshardware forums ^_^.
  7. You have to read the review and make a determination as to the competency of the reviewer. Some have a clue, but many do not.

    Unfortunately, if you don't have the experience to rate the reviewer based on what they say, then you are in somewhat of a predicament.
  8. I'm an old computer tech and I leave Positive feedback 99% of the time.
    I've only left negative feed back on 3 items due to: 1 item being defective in design, 1 retail shrink wrapped motherboard missing the driver CD and back panel template and 1 item which was nothing but an over hyped piece of junk. But to to be honest, to call it a piece of junk is an understatement, What it really was, was hours and days of nothing but ****.
    When I seen the "Recommend by _____" on the box, I should have shipped it back.
    I know that next time when I see that phrase on the box, I won't hesitate for 1 minute to ship it back.

    I think newegg needs to make their website idiot proof so these retarded dumb asses can't order or leave feedback.
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