Is this Good Memory??

Hi, someone just built a computer for me and they used this ram from ocz...ocz2f8004gk. Is this good memory? i've seen some mixed reviews. Also when I ran pc wizard 2008 under physical memory the freq. 400 keeps showing up? I thought this was 800 mhz. Is it underclocked, or am I not reading this correctly?

Any help would be great.

I just ran CPU-Z and it says DRAM Freq. is at 398.6MHZ?
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  1. Cpu-z is correct. 800 reads as 400. My samsung pc6400 is the same. It rarely reads at exactly 400.
  2. thankyou o1die for the reply. zipszoomflyhigh was it? I know more then enough to build my own computer I just would rather leave expensive things to someone who has exp.
  3. any further comments on the specific brand of ram would be great. (professional edition)
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