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I currently have a 939 socket Opteron running at 2.2 ghz. I was looking into upgrading the main components of my computer. The processor I am looking at is the E5200. I plan on over clocking it. My question is, would I see a substantial upgrade in computing power over my current processor.

I mainly play games with my computer. Video card is a 7900gt and I will likely upgrade that after I do the processor, ram and mobo.

I just dont want to waste my money changing platforms when I have something that might be comperable and I wont see a big difference.

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  1. haha ull be going into warp speed if u get the CPU to 3.5+ the 7900GT is a good card and being held back by ya old school cpu plus some nice speedy DDR2 ram will make all the differnce too, enjoy ya new CPU

    BTW my gf has a pentium dual core 2.4ghz 65-nm and OC it to 3.4 ghz on air, with a 7900 GTO and 4 GB of 800 Mhz ram it can run games like doom 3 max setting except for aa at only x4 at 60 FPS runs CCS 60fps can even give crysis a good run for its money.

    ur CPU will be better but with a slightly slower Graphics card so may have similar preformance
  2. Thanks for the responses. Does anyone know if the 755 socket is being phased out anytime soon. I know intel just released the I7 chip. Would it be worth waiting to see if a budget chip comes out based on the Neph design.

    I have been out of hardware loop for a while.

    Is it the consensus that my CPU is holding back the GPU?
  3. The game I am having issues with is Heroes 5 of Might and Magic. I play it while studying for finals. That and COD4 are the newest games I play. I mainly play older games CS and DOD.

    Heroes 5 i like playing large maps. I also like to turn up the graphics somewhat on that game. the computer turns take a while and sometimes i hit spikes which I think is ram related rather than gpu related.

    I am running 2 gigs of ddr ram right now. I think i would benefit the most in that game with the system overhaul rather than the GPU upgrade. I just dont necessarily want to be changing platforms every 2 years, id rather squeeze whatever I can out of this new platform, which is why I was wondering when it would be phased out.

    I dont have problems running any of the other games that I play, but i generally dont play at the high resolutions and such. I'm sure if i tried to run COD4 at higher resoultions then I would run into issues.
  4. Thanks for the advice. I guess I can always go quad if the E5200 starts to slack a bit. That way i get another year or so out of the rig before the next overhaul.

    I probably end up doing the CPU/ram/mobo upgrade first. Prices on the 4850 will drop 20 or so by the time im ready to pick one up. might even go with the 4870 if the price is right.
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