DVD-Rom will not detect CD

I was recently working on ripping my cds to my hard drive and I found one in particular disk that it will not read or even detect as having a disk in the drive. It has read all my other disks without error, and when I put this one particular disk in another computer with the same OS it finds it and reads it just fine. Anyone have a clue as to what might cause such a strange and bizzare behaviour?
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  1. try to clean your dvd drive lens with soft & dry clothes, if it not a retail cd & burned in some other computer, then they may use high speed which are not able to read on some drives..
  2. Yeah cleaning did no good, so it may just be something weird with that one CD. It is a retail CD, its just weird that the CD from the same band before this one worked and the ones after worked and not this one. Who knows.
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