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So I just bought a used desktop computer and want to set up the internet on it. The network is setup, I have a functioning router. What equipment do I need to buy in order to get the desktop connected to the network?

A network card?

A network adapter?


Also how do I know which brand and model to select?

This is probably a really newbie question but I have been using a laptop for 4 years which had a network card pre-installed so I haven't had to do anything like this before.
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  1. on the back of the machine, there should be an ethernet port next to the usb ports,
    pretty much every modern motherboard has integrated ethernet these days.

    so if you have a working router then all you need is an ethernet cable if you want to go with a wired connection, or if your router is capable of wireless and you want that option then you will need to purchase either a pci or usb wireless card for your desktop machine.

    does your router have aerials? if not your stuck with a wired connection.
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