q9300 quad core & 9800gtx only scores 4000 odd on 3d mark 05

I'm very confused.. people running q6600 dual core and 8800gt;s are getting 10000+

I'm not saying my setup isn't performing.. I can run bioshock, FSX, crysis et on full everything AA etcetc. They run great, but when it comes to 3dmark scores 4000 is veeery low.

anyone who can help :s

4GB 1066 ram
Q9300 Intel core2 quad2.5ghz

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  1. If u get good FPS in games and dont have problems with them then your system is fine,3DMARK 05 is an old software,u may want to update your VGA drivers or test 3DMARK 06 but gaming is alot more important than a 3DMARK score
  2. Disable AA and AF if you have it enabled
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