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Hello everyone, hope this is in the correct category.

Recently I upgraded my RAM from 1gb to 4gb (removed the 1gb stick and installed 2x2gb). The RAM is fully compatible with my motherboard but when I try to boot to Vista I get a BSOD "the bios in this system is not fully ACPI compliant". My bios has options S1 and S3 and I have tried both with no success. BIOS fully recognizes my memory and I have ran multiple memory tests and they have all passed. I have Linux Ubuntu and it loads fine and sees all 4GB installed. I have done a lot of searching for this problem and someone recommended I remove my PCI-e Geforce 8500 card. I disabled the PCI-e in bios and used the on-board graphics and the computer boots PERFECTLY with the 4gb and runs with no problems at all but I lose my good GeForce.

SO....the memory is obviously compatible. The Video card is obviously compatible because I have used it for almost a year. I have the newest version of BIOS. I can’t understand this problem. I have tried changing every setting in BIOS with no avail. For some reason the new memory and my video card are clashing? There must be a fix for this but I can’t seem to figure it out. Any help would be MUCH appreciated! Thanks a lot for taking the time to read this.

BTW here are my system specs:

Windows Vista 64-bit Ultimate SP1 with all updates
Intel DG31PR desktop board
Intel Core 2 DUO E6550
4GB Kingston 240 pin DIMM
NVidia GeForce 8500 GT
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  3. I got the BSOD without even upgrading my RAM. I already had 2G running for over 9 months. The BSOD showed up after the update I received on January 30th. 4 of them updated windows and the other 2 were some NT 3.5 SP1 updates. After the update, all my system backups disappeared, so I couldn't revert back to a last known good configuration. I reverted back to my 1G RAM that came with the computer, and it works fine. I purchased new 4G Ram because I also saw everyone saying it was related to the RAM, but I got the BSOD again. I'm getting both the IRQ_Not_Less_Or_Equal and the PFN_List_Corrupt. I'm guessing Microsoft update dorked something up. I uninstalled all updates from January 30th except for one 3.5 SP1 update, which won't let me. Any further help is appreciated.
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