A newb who needs help, video problem. I think?

Hello everyone and thanks to anyone out there who helps me in advance. Remember I know nothing about computers so talking to me in baby steps would be a big help. Thanks :p So I have a two year old Dell Inspiron Laptop and was using it to surf the web and it froze. I had been having problems with it because of spyware/viruses and it ran slow as anything but it still worked, and as a poor college girlie I have no money anyway to get it fixed. Anyway today it froze and everytime I tried to start it up I got several error messages saying programs like fxssvc.exe and several others like it could not be read "0x6bfa9ccd". I looked up the valuable info on this site and found it it is a graphic error and tried to run my computer in safe mode but then it says the video card did not initialize. The computer is not under warranty anymore. So I don't know how to fix it, like take apart the laptop, etc. Anyone got any ideas? Thanks so much!!!! All my cute pics and music are on there I don't want to lose em!
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  1. Well all I have to say, is I would reccomend run you computer normal, copy all of your media (pics, music, videos etc) onto another/ external hardrive. Then just install another copy of windows, becuase something is seriously screwed up badly. Once you install a new copy of windows, your laptop will work like the day you bought it.
  2. Seconded. Back up your files and re-install windows. If you were well versed in computer repair, then you might be able to fix it - and that's a fairly large might.
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