Fastest non SSD?

Can anyone give me suggestions on the fastest platter based HDD? I'm building a new rig and don't quite have the money for a SSD at the moment and figured that would be an easier upgrade down the road as opposed to a new cpu or video card or what not.

My budget would ~$75 and size of the disk doesn't matter (surely it would be over 500GB).

If there is a clear cut winner here, please let me know, otherwise could someone point me toward some recent benchmarks.

Thanks in advance!!
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    Well. for 75$ you're probably not going to get a raptor. but as far as your price range goes there's a good 7200 RPM Western digital performance drive for sale on newegg right now for 69.99$

    HD tune for that drive.

    Transfer Rate:
    Min= 56.9 MB/s
    Max= 113.3 MB/s
    Avg= 90.9 MB/s

    Access Time:
    11.9 ms

    Burst Rate:
    127.9 MB/s

    CPU Usage:
  2. As far as that goes. you may try and find a lower end raptor on slickdeals or maybe even ebay.
  3. For that price, I'd lean towards a 1TB 7200.12 from Seagate, or a Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB. I don't believe you can get a 150GB Velociraptor for that price though (the fastest consumer-level hard drive).
  4. Is the WD 640GB Black faster than the 750GB Black? I thought I've read somewhere that the 640 was the better/faster drive?
  5. It should be, yes.
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