1394 Net Adapter and 1394 firewire.

I was checking my Network Connections screen and found an inactive (meaning not doing any sending or reciving) 1394 connection from a 1394 Net Adapter located on Texas Insruments OHCI Compliant IEEE 1394 Host Controller. My Local Area Connection is through the 10/100 Ethernet that is sending and recieving via the verizon Fios cable router. I have a DVD-RW drive plugged into the 1394 firewire port so why is there a 1394 network connection showing up as "connected" in my Network Connections screen? Another question is what is the best connection I can make to take full advantage of the speed in this fiber optic connection to the internet?
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  1. that 1394 connect you see is your adapter for your firewire..... firewire can be used for close networks and is alot faster.... so xp lists this in networks
  2. ps you can disable it and your drive will still work fine
  3. Your Verizon service will not exceed the bandwidth of either of those connections. So it really does not matter. I would stick with the ethernet connection, its way easier to diagnose network problems.
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