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Hi all

im new to the forum and its my 1st post but not new to PC's, i was wondering if i could get some advice from you all.

im looking for water cooling for my pc and i was wondering which set up to get, external is my prefered option and i was looking at the zalman resorator 1 version 2, or i was looking at an already set up water cooling case with everything inside.

Zalman LQ1000 Z-Machine Liquid Cooled or Thermaltake Armor LCS, Silver

im running the following set up.

AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition, 3.2GHz, AM3
Gigabyte GA-MA790X-UD4, AMD 790X
ATI 4870 1GB, PCI-E 2.0, 1024MB GDDR5 (i have 2 of these running in crossfire mode)
Mushkin XP2-8500 2x2GB, DDR2-1066

im wanting the full monty for everything but on a medium budget.

any advice would be really good and maybe whats the best out there for the money paid.

thanks all
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  1. Please don't buy TT or a Zalman. I'll link you to real watercooling. Take a read, read up on forums where watercooling is real and not cheap junk.


    In fact asking a question like that in this forum and not taking the time to see if anything already posted would help.............
  2. ^@OP: Listen to Comumdrum. The Thermaltake/Zalman WCing kits are cr@p. If you want REAL top of the line WCing, it's going to cost you $200 or so. Go with a cheaper case and incest the money in a good WCing set up.
  3. conundrum is correct :)
  4. Conumdrum's guide is the first place to look when considering water cooling. Everyone needs to read it first before asking any questions, because there are a ton of answers in there. I built my first rig based off of his guide and I'm happy to say I've had no issues with it.
  5. ...beating my head against a concrete wall...
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