Stamp-Sized 1TB SSD from Toshiba

A joint research project between Toshiba and Keio University in Tokyo has announced the creation of a new technological breakthrough which allows SSDs of up to 1TB to be made with a footprint no larger than a postage stamp. Yes, a postage stamp - that's a 90 per cent reduction compared to a standard 2.5in HDD.

Remarkably, Tosh and Keio have managed to cram 128 NAND flash chips and one controller into this form factor and got it operating at a quoted two gigabits per second (250MB/sec) which puts it right up there with the fastest consumer SSDs available. The good news doesn't end there either, since the drive is also 70 per cent more power efficient than a typical SSD and the reduced size is claimed to make it cheaper to produce.


So now the question is, how much will this cost, with the "reduced size" and all? :lol:
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  1. Was only expected. Since we don't use mechanical technology; we don't really need that much space. We may even see NAND being integrated on the motherboard.
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