OC a P4...how high?

i have an intel p4 ht 2.8ghz. motherboard: asus p4c800e deluxe. I am using an intel cooler that i had laying around. using the asus aibooster utility, my cpu temperature, whether not oced or when oced to 3.08ghz is sort of in between the green and the yellow zone. I use arctic silver 5, but i probably put a lttle too much and i onyl let it set overnight...how high can i oc this cpu and keep system stability. will ocing it make a noticeable performance difference?
thanks in advance
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  1. The P4's do not always overclock that well. All you can do is try. Do not expect the kind of results you hear about from the Core2's
  2. ok thanks
    on bootup the 2nd time i cooted it up with the 200mhz speed increase, it said "overclocking failed, revert to default settings"
    so yeah my p4 Pos me
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