Iomega external drive no longer recognized by DISK MANAGEMENT

I have an external iomega external Hd that when I plug it into the computer the only thing that happens is you can see the light come on... its detected in device manager but not in disk manager or my computer. thinking it might be a power issue from what i read but doubt it because it worked fine with this laptop for the past 4 months problem free... then all of a sudden boom it dissapeared like a ghost. Had a virus scan detect some trojans on some key gens that were on there but ignored them...sooo... Virus? windows update? Got old and died? any help would be Sweet.
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  1. Does it work on another computer?
  2. İ don´t have one to check at the moment. But İ have found an external power adapter and tried that to no avail. Right before it disappeared İ was watching a movie on it and the movie was buggy so İ would have to skip forward on it and it would just pause. Stopped the movie and after that thing crapped out on me. may have pushed it to hard. Any cures know to get it back. also had windows update install today if that has anything to do with it. Let me know....
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