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got a small problem with my sony optiarc 7201S dvd drive. i'm able to play audio cd, cd-rom and dvd-roms (both origonal media and copied media) however when i try to play a movie on dvd the drive wil spin, make a noise as though its trying to read it then stops and repeats until it just gives up.

i've updayed the drivers and the firmware but it hasn't made a difference.

i'm using windows vista premium with the latest service pack if that makes a difference
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  1. Does the problem only happen with a specific DVD? It might be because the DVD is damaged.

    What is the format of the movie? Is it a DVD-Video movie, or a .avi/.mkv/.mpg file burned to a DVD?
  2. it happens with all the dvd's i've tried, they are all origional dvd movies from region 2 ( i'm in the uk)
  3. Is your DVD drive configured to play Region-2 movies? It happened to me once. I played a Region 1 (US, CA) DVD which I imported from the US in my DVD drive. Then I decided to play a Region 3 (SE Asia) DVD, which it failed to play. Setting my DVD drive to region 3 fixed the problem, although the number of times you can change the DVD drive's region is limited to 5 changes.
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