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i am using sata cable in my desktop pc but in some time occur physical dumping and after restart machin no hard disk detect
in this case i will remove sata cabe and re connect it then start pc normally this cause is so dengarus for my hard disk give me solution i will change sata cabe more time
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  1. It sounds like the SATA cable you have slowly works itself loose from the connector on one end or the other. The problem is solved for a while if you disconnect and re-connect, but it happens again, right?

    A solution may be to buy new SATA cables with locking clips built into the ends. Many like that are shown in this list:


    You certainly do not have to buy these from that online store. They are low-priced, so buying one or two by mail order can cost too much just for shipping. But they are a common cable type you should be able buy at many computer shops. Before you do, though, look at the pictures and decide whether the ones that have one or both end connectors as 90-degree angled ones is suitable for your machine or not.
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