Cool Master HAF 932 vs Cosmos S

I can't decide on which one I want. I know they are in a different price league, but consider that the HAF, from what I have read, has better airflow than the Cosmos S, and that a good CPU ( such as a TRUE) will not fit in the cosmos unless you remove the side fan or find a work around, it makes you think. So, lets be honest with ourselves and compare the two cases for what they are worth.

So, which is the better full tower case.
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  1. Cosmos all the way
  2. I am not one for big bulky cases so I would go with the HAF 932 over the Cosmos S :P
  3. bohmann, olddman, and I all have the CM 932 HAF. The case is larger than a typical full tower case. A Thermalright 120 heatsink with dual fans will fit inside the case without interfering with any fans in the side panel. In fact there is room left over. Same thing with cable management. The space between the motherboard tray and the right side panel is larger than normal. There is more than sufficient space to hide cables.

    Cooling capacity is excellent and you can easily change/swap fans to satisfy your own requirements.

    The downside is the exterior of the case. It's sort of a love it or hate situation. I did a case mod with a black and copper theme so the original looks did not matter to me. bohmann is planning on chrome plating his case. Olddman left his alone. He's got an Intel system which he overclocked. Temperature reading were beyond expectations.
  4. Thanks JohnnyLucky, I do like the Cosmos S looks better, but feel its cooling capacity may be worse. Anyone with experience with both cases?
  5. You're welcome. Luckily we have two Fry's Electronics stores here in Phoenix, Arizona so I actually got to see the Cosmos on display. I actually went to Fry's to purchase an Antec Twelve Hundred Case when I spotted the CM 932 HAF. I didn't particularly care for the look of the case but I was impressed with the extra space and built in felxibility. The HAF was over $50.00 less than the 1200. Last Friday the HAF was available at for $119.00 and shipping was free. Unfortunately the Black Friday sale is over.
  6. Will a Thermalright ultra 120 fit in this case(haf 932) facing the back exhaust?(no spacing problems between the heatsink and top fan) basically will it fit vertically or does it have to be placed horizantally?
  7. I have both the HAF 932 and Cooler Master S and also the Thermalright 120 Extreme. Since I have watercooling, I find that the HAF works much better. The TRUE will also work fine in the HAF.

    The HAF is wider than the S so it much "easier" to install my radiators. There's enough room to install two 3x120 radiators and fans at the top of the HAF. The large fans in the HAF also make it pretty quiet.

    For looks they are totally different--depends if you like the sleekness of the S or the rugged look of the HAF. The HAF, I feel has a better finish; it's much easier to scratch up the S. It also hides wires better than the S too. Downside is that the HAF can get really dirty, especially here in Arizona.

  8. I have a Thermalright 120 in my 932 HAF. I have it oriented so that it exhausts warm air back toward the exhaust fan on the rear panel. There is absolutely no probelm with the top exhaust fan or the side panel intake fan getting in the way. In fact, there is plenty of room left over because the case is taller and wider than a full size tower case. You could install a psu in the top of the case and you'd still be okay with the top panel fan. That's the nice thing about the case. All sorts of configurations are possible due to the flexibility built in.
  9. Thanks Johnnylucky. Im trying to decide whether to get this or wait for the Antec p193. My room has a carpet so i would have to make some kind of dust filter for the front intake fan. Also i dont like lights so i may switch the side 230mm fan and place it as the front intake. Would like to what pictures of the back of your cases(to see how you hid your wires behind the motherboard)
  10. Coolermaster designed the case so that there is a lot more space between the motherboard tray and the right side panel. You can fit quite a bit of cable in there without any problems. The large 24 pin psu power cable can be run through a slot and up behind the motherboard tray with room to spare.

    There is a minor problem that can be easily resolved. My ASUS motherboard had the smaller 8 pin psu power header at the very top of the motherboard. I installed my Corsair psu in the bottom of the case. I ran the 8 pin psu power cable through a slot and up behind the motherboard tray. The cable didn't quite reach the motherboard header. I simply ordered an 8 inch extension cable which is readily available from numerous online vendors. I had the same problem with my multi-card reader which I installed in the top drive bay. I ran the cable through a slot and down the back of the motherboard tray. It didn't quite reach the USB header at the bottom of the motherboard. I ordered an 8 inch USB extension cable. Minor problem solved.

    There are plenty of slots, cutouts, and holes for wire management. If you are a neat freak you can use cable ties in quite a few places behind the tray. I didn't get too carried away because the motherboard tray, hard drive cage, and right side panel hide just about everything.

    SLICK ADVERTISING - If you go to the Coolermaster web site and look at the HAF 932 advertising you'll be amazed when you see the photo depicting cable management. The only thing CM shows is the 24 pin psu power cable. There is no other cable behind the motherboard tray. I wonder what happened to all the cables?
  11. I forgot about the front fan - The plastic grill at the bottom front has perforated modders style mesh attached to it. Then there is a little bit of space between the grill and the front panel of the case. That front panel has larger perforated mesh. The large fan is attached behind that mesh panel. The two perforated mesh panels restrict quite a bit of air. An air filter might not be a good idea. A better idea would be to raise the case above the floor. During a previous build I went to the hardware store and bought some items to make a stand with casters. The stand raised the old case about 12 inches above ground level. The top of the old case was even with the top of my computer desk. The 932 HAF is so tall that the top is probably a good 5 or 6 inches above the top of my desk now.
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