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Hi everyone, my Asus Radeon HD 4870 has been getting pretty hot and I was thinking of getting rid of the stock cooler and putting on a third party cooler, but I am not sure which ones fit on a 4870.

I was thinking of the ZALMAN VF1000 2 Ball VGA Cooler, I know someone that has one and it works well (they are not using it with a 4870, they have a geforce card). I checked the zalman website and the support list for the cooler is out dated and I have yet to hear back from them via email.

And on newegg someone said that it is compatible with the 4870 and then somebody else said that its not compatible at all.

Could someone help me out or even let me know of a different VGA cooler for my video card?

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  1. the 4850 and 4870 have the same mount holes as the 38xx series. The Zalman should fit just fine.
  2. I have the ARCTIC COOLING Accelero S2. My idle temps are about 45c and haven't seen anything higher than 60c loaded. It's also quiet since there are no fans. Although, you can get the turbo fans for an extra $10 or so which cools it even more....
  3. You will need to get some extra ram heat sinks for the vrms if you use the VF1000. I personally want the accelero twin turbo from arctic cooling, but the egg doesnt have it yet.


  4. I just ordered the accelero from here. It was the only place I could find it. It was ~$52 after shipping and everything.


  5. thanks guys, I am gonna pick up an accelero S2
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