Possible MOBO issue I really need some help with.

Hello this is my first post and I hope someone can help out! (I apologize if this is long winded, this is my first tech forum post and I don't know all the info you guys need)

My rig is as follows:

Striker Extreme MOBO
Q6600 2.4 gigahertz
4 gigs of DDR2 (2 gig patriot, 2 others 1 gig corsairs all running at 800)
1 150 gig SATA Raptor
1 HD 2900 XT radeon (1 gig)
Windows Vista 64 bit

On the new years eve I spent a substantial amount of time on my comp browsing the net, listening to music and playing a few games, with no probs. The the next morning when my comp booted to windows I was browsing the internet and it just froze, no blue screen just simply froze. So I shut it down and tried to boot again....Fans turned on but no activity other than that. So I turned it back off turned off the PSU and then tried again this time it booted to windows but soon after it froze again (no blue screen just couldint do anything).

So I began diagnosing, first I unplugged all extreanous items (extra USB, sound card, firewire, chassis alarm etc.). I booted it again and when I went to the BIOS after about 15 seconds it froze...At that point I decided to boot off of a diagnostic CD, I got into mem test and started testing about 30 seconds in mem test froze.... I tried this again and again with each stick of RAM by itself and the same prob. I have cleared my CMOS and my next step is to try and update the BIOS. Any suggestions?
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  1. Replace the Ram
  2. I say powersupply
  3. ^I agree... Memtest shouldn't just lock up the system, nor should the RAM normally.

    OP, what PSU do you have?
  4. I have a thermaltake 850 watt cant get the exact model at the moment not near the comp. But could a PSU cause a lockup like that? Every time I have had PSU prob it has either just shutdown the system or would act funny booting. All 5 fans plus my CPU fan run fine all LEDs pop on as well (including keyboard and mice lights). I have an extra PSU and I guess I will try it next time I get a chance.
  5. Also I have tried booting with all three RAM sticks individually and I find it highly unlikely that they all failed at once. Something I may have failed to mention is that sometimes when I boot it all the fans come up but i dont even get my BIOS screen...
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