is my cpu good enough for sli

i have a athlonx2 5000be ocd to 3.1 win xp 32 bit with seagate barracuda 500 gb sata 2 2 gigs ocz platinum ram and i want to sli 9800 gtx+ will it work good?
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  1. what i ment to say is will i see a big improvement over my single card. i have had people tell me that my cpu wont be powerful enough to run those cards in sli to see an improvement from a single card
  2. It all depends on your resolution.
  3. 1920+1080
  4. The higher the resolution the more GPU bound games get. In your case at 1920x1080 you will see improvement how big is going to depend on the game.
  5. i have played crysis on high and i would say average frame rate was about 40 but when real action started it went doen to around 22 fps and far cry 2 on 1st from highest quality played mostly well around 45 fps but it went down to 21 steady at one point
  6. Yup, just depends on the games you're going to play. Even though you will see a big improvement you may still have to turn down some of the more CPU intensive settings. You can probably eek out a 3.3-3.4 with a vcore of 1.45 on that CPU. Personally though I find going past 3.1Ghz on my 5000 makes things a little warmer than I would like. On the other hand you may as well turn your PC into a space heater during the winter if you only want to heat a room and not the whole house :D. I'm just glad my current MB is listed by Gigabyte to be ready for AM3 CPUs ^_^
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