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I bought this Crucial M225 SSD a couple weeks ago or so and I had a few questions about it's performance. This is a benchmark I just did. Now I know 200 MBps is fast, but I heard this drive can get up to 220 MBps and it's write performance over 100 MBps. Not sure if it's my SATA controller (Intel ICH10R), or whether this drive is not aligned properly. Can't be fragmentation I wouldn't think because these things don't need to be defragged, even though under Windows 7, it says my drive is heavily fragmented. Trim is also enabled, by the way.

The numbers showed as low as 150 MBps and as high as 200 MBps roughly. Also writes were between 70 MBps and 89 MBps.

When I did buy it, I just took a drive image and copied it over onto the SSD. It was later that I found all about SSD alignment because SSDs don't work like traditional hard drives at least from a backup point of view. You can't just copy a drive image over onto a new drive.

Anyways, long story short, are these numbers normal for my drive? My firmware is 1819 and I heard that it was one of the earlier ones that was having reduced performance.
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    - what is your OS?
    - did you ever de-fragment your SSD in its lifetime?
    - you run in AHCI mode for the SATA controller? (i.e. not IDE or RAID)

    Can you post a HDTune Pro screenshot of:
    - raw disk benchmark (normal benchmark)
    - File System benchmark (most important)
    - Random Access benchmark
  2. I'm currently running Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit (Trim enabled). I did defrag my drive a few times (before I learned your not supposed to), even though Windows shows my drive as heavily fragmented. My SATA controller is configured as IDE. I don't have HD Tune Pro, just the free version. I'll download the trial of the Pro version though.

    Tried running HD Tune Pro and although the UAC prompt came up, the program wouldn't start. I'm also running it as an administrator. It's listed in memory, but the program window won't come up. Some of my other programs also got really slow all of the sudden. I'm going to try backing up everything and doing a reinstall of Windows.
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