Buy an ssd or add another 500gb hdd in raid 0

ok im trying to decide between buying an ssd for my os and primary hdd this one in particular since it has trim support i already have a spinpoint f3 500gb. or the other choice i was thinking about was purchasing another 500gb f3 and running raid 0 and also purchasing a 1tb caviar black for storage purposes.
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  1. You have the classic "performance vs. capacity" choice to make.

    If performance is more important to you, then the SSD will blow away RAIDed HDDs any day of the week.
  2. performance is definitely what im looking for, i just came across this link where the f3's came in 31st amongst an entire swarm of ssd's id have to say thats pretty impressive what do you think about this link and its tests
  3. I don't really know what the test scores mean because I'm not familiar with the test and how it weights access time vs. transfer rate. If you're looking for faster boot and application startup times, no mechanical hard drive is going to get anywhere close to an SSD in terms of access time, by far the most important metric. And it's important to understand that RAID does NOT improve access times, only transfer rates.
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    I had the exact same question a few weeks ago (actually, I was set on a RAID0 set-up, but went the SSD route - couldn't be more pleased).

    Check out this thread, Need Advice for new HD (RAID0 Use), it has tons of good from other users.

    I went with the OCZ Vertex 30GB. Here are some of my specs / results (on the comparison, I was previously using a WD Caviar Blue for my boot drive - the other specs are for my Seagate 7200.12 that I use for storage, just for comparison):

    OCZ Vertex 30GB (Boot Drive)

    Seagate 7200.12 1TB (Storage Drive)

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  6. Thanks for posting the test results, Steve!

    69: Pay close attention to the "4K" results for the Seagate vs. the SSD - that's the metric that's most important for booting and loading applications.
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