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  1. I think you can get much better for the money.
  2. ohh ok, so what would you recommend?
    do you know how the Rosewill Conqueror is?
  3. I would recommend this case, the antec twelve hundred...for the price today!
  4. It's a sick case, very good cooling and will impress many
  5. +1 on that antec 1200 Can't believe I am passing up on that deal.
  6. i was thinking about it, but its not in my budget. so how is the antec 900 or or the nzxt tempest?
  7. the nine hundred is awesome as well...just you had a 109.99 dollar case and what is ten mor dollars for a $215 case?
  8. The tempest is a ridiculously big "mid" tower. It has more than enough room for almost any configuration, and most are very happy with it. Personally, I am not a big fan of the 900's looks, and I've heard it gathers dust pretty quickly. That 1200 is on sell for only $120, and is better than almost any other case as far as bang for the buck today. I still am going with the NZXT 921 for looks and size, as well as low price today. If I needed slightly bigger, I'd definitely have gone with the 1200 though. Personally, if you were planning to spend $110 on that case, then $120 for the 1200 is definitely worth the $10 extra, as it is easily one of the most popular full towers. I'd pick that baby up ASAP, since the sale ends at 3am.
  9. The Antec 300, 900, 1200 is an excellent case series. I have the 900 myself and have nothing but good things to say about it. I have never used the NZXT Tempest myself, but have heard good things about it.
  10. Now thats a good price for the 1200, and if your worried about saving $10 on the upgrade to the 1200 from the 900, dont worry just buy it. I also like the mention of the CM 690 another good case, but after buying the additional fans you run up to the price of the 1200, so why not just buy the 1200 which contains the nice tri-cool fans. All it's missing is a single 120mm side fan, and for that I recomend just poping in a cheap low noise/cfm fan that and you be set.
  11. the thing is that i would get the 1200, but by the time i buy all of my stuff for my rig (which is going to be at the end of december) it proboly wont be on sale anymore for $120, thats why
  12. Well, I am still saving up for many of the components for my upcoming rig, but when I saw the 1000W Antec PSU going for only $130, I HAD to scoop that deal up. If you have the $120 right now, I'd recommend getting this piece first, since the rest of the components will be following soon (by the end of December, as you said). Just my two cents.

    edit: on a side note, I am going to have the cash for all the rest of my components by mid-late January, so I am looking to have my stuff ready even later than you. I just don't see me being able to save so much on that PSU as this if I get it all at once. Same would go for if I was considering the 1200. It's your decision though, and that is one of the great things about building your own PC; you make the calls, and you make it look like you want it :)
  13. Haha, I'm not even planning on building my comp until may/june but I got the 1200 today, I had to. And a case is something that will last, unlike a video card/cpu/even a power supply...If you know what I mean, 6 months away
  14. Definitely get the 1200 on sale now if you have the $$. Parts like cases and PSUs don't go obsolete in a few months time, so it's ok to buy them early and fill in the rest of the parts later. Parts like CPUs and video cards it's always better to wait as long as possible, because the longer you wait, the more prices will drop. (with the exception of ridiculous deals on Black Friday, and things like that)
  15. oh yeah i know what you guys mean. its a great idea. but unfortunately, i dont have the money now, which sucks. but if i did that think would have been ordered already :P
  16. well, i made me decision. im going to get the antec 900, it looks awesome!
  17. Also a very good choice. I am not a big fan of it, personally, but it has wonderful airflow and many have found themselves entranced by it. I'm sure you'll be happy with it :)
  18. yep i think so
  19. Ive heard the 1200 is much if any better on cooling than the 900 anywho. it just bulkier.

    BTW whats wrong with the V9? cheapish, decent cooling and cable management? good size? i can really fault it.
  20. ture. but i was wondering why lain li cases cost so much? are they any good?
  21. They are awesome, cant say anything more.

    Full aluminum (light and sleek)
    Great build quality...
    PLenty of features.

    Did a small review on mine here
  22. nice, but it looks like they dont have much fan spots
  23. ??? My A70 review there comes with 6 x 120mm fans? thats not enough?
  24. hah oh sorry, didnt see that
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