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only have 1 250gb HDD now that has everything installed and only 93.1gb/227gb is free. my pc has been lagging/freezing up and im not 100% sure but im guessing that having all these games/movies/music files on the same drive as my Windows OS is causing it? pc was running fine before i had movies/music on my harddrive. would getting a 2nd HDD either external or internal help? so that i can move music/movies to that HDD then just reformat and have only windows on this 1? and would the GPU/sound card drivers and stuff go on the windows OS hdd or the external? and how would i get games to play off the external HDD(will redownload/install them to the 2nd HDD)? also would 5400rpm or 7200rpm make much difference when running the movies or games off of it? only game i play is FFXI(final fantasy online) and some free MMORPG's. my pc is a compaq presario SR1563CL and is a bit old and only has 2 sata connectors on MB, amd athlon 64 3400+, 1.5gb pc3200 ram,

i know newegg is cheaper but rather get 1 now cus this is really annoying with the freezing/lagging constantly.

5400rpm/8mb cache external:



7200rpm/16mb? cache external:


7200rpm/16mb cache internal:

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  1. If you plan on using the new drive for storage purposes of media files, you can go either way, i.e. internal or external. You might as well go with a 7200rpm model, as they are obviously cheap and offer solid performance and a decent life span (most of the time). The Western Digital from Best Buy seems like the best option in my opinion.
  2. if i get a 2nd internal do i just plug it into the 2nd sata spot and pc will pick it up or what all do i have to do to set it up to work? never had a 2nd HDD

    guess i may as well get 1 from newegg then, whichever 1 of these is faster.




    and whatever sata cable and power adapter i need. dont think i have an extra sata/power connector
  3. Seagate is making it difficult to easily judge platter size because they are using full size 500 GB platters and "short stroking" them to fit standard size categories.
    A 750 GB model therefore might not contain three 250 GB platters but two 500 GB platters upon which only 375 GB worth or area is writable. This not only helps them w/ inventory but increases the HD's min. DTR as there's no disk writing / reading taking place at teh slowest inner edges.

    I have a site bookmarked on another machine that lists each individual HD's platter size so can't check it now. But I'd confirm that any drive you buy has 500 GB platters.
  4. so the 750gb 1 would be the best?
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