SSD (on Mac) better for?

This is actually a multiple question post.

My aim is to try and cut down some time on Photoshop, mainly when using big files (over 2 or 3Gb) not only when reading and saving but most importantly applying adjustments or modifying image.

I know on Mac's its a pain in the back to move the system swap files to another disk (although theres an app that supposedly does that for you (Xupport).

I just find it hard to find out what best use I could make for a SSD I would add to my existing configuration that could speed up Photoshop on Mac:

1. Install system and apps?
2. Use system swap and leave system+apps in other HDD?
3. Use for Photoshop scratch disk?
4. Any of the above in same SSD?

Other pertinent data:

Every project once completed is moved to a backup USB disk so the durability/reliability of SSD isnt really a problem.

Mac Pro dual quad-core 2.8
8Gb DDR2 Ram (soon to be 12Gb)
1 SATA 320Gb for data in use + system +apps
1 SATA 500gb for general purpose data and backups before going to external HDD plus Photoshop scratch disk

Ty in advance for any help.
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  1. You'd probably get the largest gain by using the SSD as the Photoshop scratch disk. I have an SSD as the boot drive in my desktop, and I use it for the photoshop scratch disk as well and it makes a noticeable difference.
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