3dmark 06 pwned 42k+ i9 trifire 5870

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  1. what the FCUK ? :D
  2. WoW, must have cost a fortune to get that number... i9/mobo/ram/5870x3/who knows what PSU/ = arm, leg and wifey....
  3. I would totally disregard this. IMHO there should be a rule on 3dmark that you can only use CPU's that are available to CONSUMERS.

    These guys get these cpus from MOBO manufacurers, and the mobo manufacurers get them from intel for pre-realease "testing" samples

    Not to mention the i9'd can clock up to 6.5ghz already.
  4. yea that CPU is nutzo....

    would be nice to see one in action....
  5. Id love to get my filthy paws on one. With some 6.5ghz madness.
  6. overshocked said:
    Id love to get my filthy paws on one. With some 6.5ghz madness.

    Just keep the Kool-Aid guy away from it.
  7. Yea, I guess it's al just for braggin rights since there is no point.
  8. And hopefully this is the last nail in the coffin for 3DMark06 relevance.
  9. Yeah lol. I heard anywhere from $1500- $2000. That is one expensive cpu!

    Actually someone sold one on ebay a couple weeks ago. Went for $1500, that seems like a damn good deal to me, since there not even out yet.
  10. What will a (1,500.00$) 6 core CPU @ 6.5Ghz do that a (200.00$) 4 core CPU @ 6.5Ghz won't????
  11. OvrClkr said:
    What will a (1,500.00$) 6 core CPU @ 6.5Ghz do that a (200.00$) 4 core CPU @ 6.5Ghz won't????

    Aside from inflate your E-peen with 50% more PSI? Not much I imagine!
  12. Well one, its 32nm. So that jacks up the price right there. I still bet the 4 core extreme edition (the one capable of hitting 6.5ghz) will cost ~$1000 the lower end 4 cored procs will probably cost ~$400 or so and may be able to hit 5.5ghz.

    So i guess you right ovrclkr. Still no real point in investing in the "extreme" extreme edition (the 6core monster).
  13. ok ok just had a thought we know intel beats amd but the amd 45nm chips clock higher then the intel 45nm chips so if intel 32nm can hit 6.5ghz where most intel 45 nm tops at round 6ghz how high will amd 32nm top?
  14. hopefully 8Ghz..... I wouldnt be surprised if AMD beat Intel's WR of 8.182Ghz
  15. Yeah, but you also gotta ask yourself where will these dual core 32nm chips from intel bring?

    I wouldnt think 7.5 ghz is to far off.

    Besides, the only reason the amd chips clock higher is because they dont have a cold bug and the new intel chips dont have a cold bug either.

    E.X. With 45nm AMD you could fill a pot up all the way with ln2, giving you a final temp of approx. -182c. With intel 45nm you could only bring it down to about -120c.

    Since the amd chips are colder, they clock higher. So i am not 100% convinced that amd 32nm will beat intel 32nm as far as cryogenic overclocking.
  16. yea, I guess we will have to wait n see once both CPU's are mainstream... Its going to be a nice battle =)
  17. Oh yaeh.. cant wait. I hope AMD wins, I realy dont like intel.
  18. What???^^^ lol i thought you was a die hard Intel fan =)
  19. Used to....

    I think you, videl, and xtc28 have convinced me otherwise.
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