Need help with memory 2.0 VS 2.2 volts

Need some help!!!!! I have some crucial ballistix ddr2 6400 memory that is 2.0 volts and the exact crucial ballistix ddr2 6400 memory that is 2.2 volts...Can i use them both together in my computer??????????????? Can i run the 2.2 volts sticks at 2.0 volts???????????? I have two sticks each of the 2.0 and 2.2 volts.....they both have the same timings and my PC is OCed...but i have my timings set for auto....
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  1. Try at 2.0V by running memtest86 for several hours to make sure that they work fine. If not, increase the voltage a bit until they are stable. I wouldn't exceed 2.1V.
  2. thanks for the reply, i appreciate it.. i will give it a shot.....
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